I am trying to apply an image header in my listview in the drawer layout.This is what i got so far. Update Cancel Promoted by Toptal Hire the top 3% of UX/UI designers. To add a navigation drawer, declare your user interface with a DrawerLayout object as the root view of your layout. Android Creating a Navigation Drawer. ... You can see it has an ACCOUNT section like i'm planning to add. See what people who trade and hold OPHIR ENERGY (OPHR) think is important. How to set navigation drawer header image and name programmatically in android First invoke navigation drawer in your main class then use this code for header image or user name don't add header in xml add using code by = . This video demonstrate how to add header layout and Hamburger icon for the android Navigation Drawer. The navigation drawer is a list ListView of options on the left edge of the ... How to add a navigation drawer to you app? Navigation Drawer is one of the most important UI component for providing proper Navigation. Navigation drawer with header in android,Navigation drawer with custom listview in android, Navigation drawer in android, Navigation drawer Join the debate. Now lets first define how our header in the navigation drawer would look like, for this go ahead and create a new layout resource file in your layouts folder and name it header.xml. You can put image in your navigation drawer. Only you have to declare a layout. This guide outlines the information you need to know about new or improved functionality i n Oracle Financials Cloud Release 11. I created this header and i want to add it at the top of my listview in my navigation drawer the problem is that i don't know where to add it